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100% Working guide: Canada Visa application

Every year thousands of foreigners migrate to Canada and this number increases with each year.


The Canadian government has provided different programs that enable foreigners to travel to Canada with.


Canada offers various economic class immigration programs for immigrants to choose from and it makes it a whole lot easier to move to Canada.


The program you choose depends on your goals or aim of traveling to Canada but whichever one you choose, the Canadian policy is quite friendly to enable you to relocate to Canada without hassle.


Canada without doubt is a beautiful country with a fast-growing economy,it is highly welcoming to foreigners and this makes it super-easy to adapt the moment you arrive in Canada.


Traveling to Canada is achievable if you know the right and easiest  way to migrate to Canada without stress.


In this post we are going to cover different ways you can relocate to Canada and whichever one you choose is just as effective as the other as long as your documents are complete and you are eligible to travel to Canada.


  1. Express Entry Program: This program allows immigrants to live and work in Canada as a skilled worker.

With this program you get an invitation to apply for a Canadian visa if you score high in the ranking system after you must have submitted your profile to the pool. The entry system manages application for three Canadian immigration programs; the federal skilled workers program, the federal skilled trades program and Canadian experience class. Once a profile is submitted and reviewed eligible candidates are given a comprehensive score based on their age, work experience, education and official language proficiency. Candidates with the highest score get invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence through Express entry draw which usually takes place every two weeks. The Canadian government  processes applications for Express entry Canada in 6 months and you can simply submit your profile again if you fail to qualify through the pool after one year.


  1. Provincial Nominee Program ; the provincial nominee program is designed by the Canadian government for foreigners who want to work or settle in a specific province or territory in Canada.


With this program each territory or province in Canada selects candidates who match their labour market needs, usually these nomination streams are linked to the Express Entry program.


After provinces select candidates that are eligible and can meet their labour market needs, they forward them for entry into the pool.

Nominated candidates receive an additional 600 CRS points, this when aligned with the Express entry guarantee that a candidate will get invited in a subsequent Express entry draw.


  1. Studying In Canada; Studying in Canada is another way that one can easily migrate to Canada,where individuals apply as international students to study a particular course and upon graduation they can remain in Canada. The experience they gathered while studying and working  in Canada qualifies them to apply for the Canadian Experience class.(CEC)


If you’re open to travel to Canada as an international student, check to know if you would be needing the English proficiency test,make sure to have  sufficient finance to cover your tuition and also have your result transcripts.


With all these ready and of course your passport you are on your way to becoming a Canadian resident.


  1. Canadian Investor Immigration: This form of immigration is designed for high-net-worth individuals who are willing to invest or start up a business in Canada.

By investing in Canada they are contributing to the country’s overall growth and prosperity.


There are two major types of investor programs; the federal investor program and the Quebec program, they are both similar and require you to be financially capable of Investing for a five-year period. This kind of immigrants are allowed to bring in their spouse and children as dependents on their application.


  1. Family Class Sponsorship; This remains a cornerstone of Canada immigration policy, with this option families in Canada can sponsor their relatives to come to Canada on a permanent basis.


To be eligible to invite your relatives to come join you in Canada you have a permanent residency or be a Canadian citizen.


You are allowed to bring your spouse and children under the age of 22, your parents and grandparents are not allowed at this time for permanent residency  but you can invite them for a visit.


  1. Secure a Job with Work Permit : Work permit is an authorization to hold a job in Canada, as a foreigner you will have to  apply for a work permit.


You need to get a job offer from a registered government approved establishment before you can apply for a work permit.


With the job offer, the company gives you an invitation letter which you then use during your work permit application. a work permit enables you to travel to Canada easily without delays.


Once your work permit is approved, you can travel to Canada and after a long period of time can apply for permanent residency.


  1. Visitor Visa : Using a visitor visa is another very easy way to migrate to Canada.With your visitor visa, you get to visit Canada on tourism, network with people while seeking the relevant connections you need.


Some companies may offer you jobs which you can use to apply for a work permit upon expiration of your current visitor’s visa.


Any of the options listed above are the best ways to easily immigrate to Canada.


Canada is no doubt a beautiful location for whatever you intend to do and the people of Canada are highly welcoming to visitors, so adapting while in Canada is something that is very easy.


To start your application try out any of the options listed above which you are eligible for, your relocating to Canada is achievable, good luck with your immigration plans.

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